2021 TTM Hall of Famers

This set, based on the 1951 Topps design, was built specifically for Through The Mail autograph collecting. I’ve been wanting to do a set like this for a while. I wanted the site to have a good, authentic and vintage feel, and for it to have a very natural place for players to sign the card. I toyed with some designs that included a white space with “Authentic TTM Autograph” or “TTM Hall of Fame” in the area, thinking that might draw the player’s eye to that area for the autograph.

Instead, I decided to cut the guess work.  The 1951 Topps showcased the facsimile autograph. Going with a 50’s design also gave me a chance to age some photographs. All I did was drop the vibrance and saturation to weather the photo and lower the fidelity.  Some of the cards didn’t need work. I think my favorite photos are the Bobby Shantz and Bobby Witt. I am however, very happy with all the pictures I was able to find.

I cut and created the card template using a ’51 Jim Konstanty and found the font thanks to Jeremy at Topps Cards That Never Were and his unbelievably thorough understanding of Topps’s card design. He has dozens of set references on his blog, and I kinda wish I had known that when I put my ’85 WBC set together.