Banners in the Rafters

These images to the left celebrate retired numbers, championships or special events that have occured during the life of this blog.

Current banners:
Willie O’Ree #22 (Boston Bruins)
McCoy Stadium 50th (and final) anniversary (Pawtucket Red Sox)
Dublin GAA All-Ireland Senior Men’s  2020 Championship

Wall of Honor

These images serve as a memorial to athletes who we have lost during the life of this blog, with special considerations to the legendary Phillies’ play by play team of Harry Kalas and Richie Asbhurn.

In Memorium

HK – Harry Kalas (1939-2009), Phillies broadcaster, voice of NFL Films
1 – Richie Ashburn (1927-1997), Phillies Hall of Famer & broadcaster
32- Roy Halladay (1977-2017), Phillies’ pitcher
45 – Tyler Skaggs (1991-2019), Angels pitcher who passed during the 2019 season.
KB – Kobe Bryant (1978-2020)
26 – Colby Cave (1994-2020), former member of the Providence Bruins


Faraday Sports started as Ashburn and Yawkey, a blog where I shared custom baseball card designs, TTM & fan pack returns, and check-ins from stadiums and arenas.

The name Faraday Sports comes from my first job at Faraday Traders, which was my local card shop. The Greene family were incredibly generous in teaching me about the hobby, and we all cared more about enjoying baseball and collecting and weren’t so much tied up with baseball cards as investment.

I worked at Faraday Traders over 30 years ago, and experience left an indelible impression, and I hope that the Greeene family would appreciate that the name Faraday is back in the baseball card hobby.

On May 14th, 2021 I married my favorite research librarian, Amanda. She’s my favorite person to go to games with.

Paul, his wife Amanda and their dog Ollie.


My name is Paul Miles, I am a life long sports fan from the City of Champions, Philadelphia, PA. I grew up as a Phillies, Flyers & Sixers fan, but baseball was always my first love. In my late 20’s I had an opportunity to pick up some part time jobs in sports, starting with day to day operations and marketing in semi-pro football and junior hockey and eventually making my way to the point of being an MMA matchmaker (and 1-time title sanctioning body). I settled in to a part time career as an announcer and play by play man and have the honor of being one of the few people to do play by play for MMA at the original ECW Arena in South Philadelphia.

I moved to New England in 2017 and found myself announcing car races and soccer (two disparate fan groups and announcing skill sets) and did that for two full seasons.

After moving to New England I reconnected with a lifelong friend, baseball cards. I started backwards, by designing cards as a way to waste time while watching TV, and then finally started collecting real baseball cards shortly after that. More recently, I started printing out my card designs and sending them people to get autographed.

My friends call me ESPN the Ocho, because I am the guy that will go to a middle school field in Providence to watch Gaelic Hurling, and I am a passionate fan of minor league baseball and hockey.

In February 2020, two weeks before COVID-19 shut the whole cotdamn world down, I asked Amanda to marry me while we were in the Long Room at Trinity College Library. She said “are you shitting me?”.