And We’re Back

I would post the video of Staind singing “It’s Been a While”.  But their lead singer is a pile of trash, so fuck him.

But, after a long, painful, dark, year and almost a half, I’m back.  Faraday Sports is back, and most importantly, baseball is back.

There’s a lot of baseball happening, but I want to start, most importantly, with a sad family update.

My mom, who was the person that sparked & nurtured my love of baseball, passed away on November.  She was 69, and passed in her sleep.  We were had just the previous week been talking about politics & the Phillies.  Two of the things we both loved talking about the most.

I am very thankful that last summer, my wife Amanada, my mom, her boyfriend Pete Lastnameredacted and I went to see the Wilmington Blue Rocks, in a meaningless, mid season game.  I can’t even remember who they played.  But my mom and I got to see one last game together.  Having moved so far away from home, I am glad for this. I am glad that she was able to see me settled into my new life with my new friends and my new wife and our family. And I am glad that I was able to share our love of baseball with Amanda.  Not knowing the significance of that game, I think makes the memory better.  Because I just remember sitting at the picnic tables off the first base foul line, eating Chickie’s & Pete’s crab fries and sitting there with my mom. Sitting with her, as an adult, with my wife. It was full circle from the early 90’s when we first started going to Blue Rocks games (and more than a decade after we started going to baseball games). It completed the story of Paul & His Mom at Baseball Games.

I am sad that story is over.

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