Zen and the Art of Organizing Cards

I am perpetually disorganized when it comes to my card collection. I have the best of intentions with collecting, organizing and maintaining a neat and orderly baseball card collection. But it seems to be impossible for me.

Today, for instance, I set to the task of sorting through my collection – which in full disclosure, is very small in comparison to what it was 25-30 years ago. In fact, the entire collection can fit haphazardly into two shelves of a standard Ikea bookcase. It’s truly embarrassing. But the goal for today was to sift through a brick of 300-ct boxes and pull out cards to send to comc.com. I’ve been working at it most of the afternoon, and I don’t feel that I’m close to ready to ship out to the warehouse.

While I’m not close to ringing the bell on the original task, I have had a chance to look through almost all my cards and get them kinda organized. I sleeved up my Darren Daulton PC jump-start, and found a bunch of 2019 Topps flagship. Enough that I may be heading towards a complete base set. Looking through my 2011 Topps Minor League Heritage, not only do I have a couple of the key cards, but I’m close to a full set there as well.

If my partner, Amanda were to walk by the office right now, she would think that I’m farther away from having all these cards organized. But in a weird sense I’m almost there. I’m sure you’ve all felt it, but there’s a very warm feeling of sitting at your desk, surrounded by your collection, shuffling them around, and finding the best way to keep them. It’s a kind of fun that I really can’t explain.

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