1986 Donruss Binder – Flea Market Find

Last week my fiancé and I  were out and we ended up dropping into an, I don’t know, not quite an antique shop, not quite a second hand toy store. But there’s a shop down in Fall River that has a weird mix of 80’s and early 90’s baseball trading cards, classic toys and…junk?

Either way, In their stack of trading cards I found a worn out binder with a near-complete set of ’86 Donruss. I asked the guy what he wanted for the book, and he did some googling and came back with $20. Along with $25 for a box of ’89 Score and $10 ’92 Sky Box Pre-Rookie (the box was still shrink wrapped), it turned out being a pretty good flea market dive.

I just got finished adding the Donruss book to my TCBD collection, and shock me shock me shock me, not only is it 93% complete, it’s also currently valued at $162. Slam dunk deal.

I talked with the owner of the shop, and it sounds like he’s a former card shop owner. I asked how often baseball cards come in, and he said “They don’t. Those are from…a past life.”

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