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It’s been quiet in the blog, but I’ve been doing a lot of baseball card stuff lately. A week or two ago I jumped on a Skype call with Armand Rosamillia of the IBWAA Podcast to talk about the website, baseball, quarantine and Ireland. We packed a lot of talk into 20 or 25 minutes. My episode of the podcast will hit later on this month, and I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you.

I also started doing some YouTube videos. With Topps Bunt 21 and the new Out of the Park Baseball dropping in the same week, it was a great opportunity to start doing some virtual pack crack videos. You can check out the channel here.

Lastly, I’ve been organizing my cards. If any brand new collectors are finding this post here’s the best first tip ever. If you’re going to put your cards in binders. Get your binders from Staples. I got a box of 3″ binders that have sleeves on the front, spine & back. First off, they’re hella cheaper than the specialty binders you see in the supplies section of any of the online card shops. Second, having the sleeves on the front & spine lets you label and also relabel your binder.

My other suggestion, which is just a general suggestion for everybody:
Let’s stop worrying about grading cards. I genuinely don’t care what my 1959 Richie Ashburn grades out at, because I love Richie Ashburn. I don’t care what my ’72 Topps Steve Carlton grades at, because I just want to have a bunch of Steve Carlton cards.

These card graders only have authority in the hobby because we give a shit what they think.

Stop giving a shit what they think and get back to enjoying collecting baseball cards.

So my first reorganized binder is the 2018 Topps flagship. the 3″ binder I got from Staples is big enough to hold all 3 base series releases, including the Update Series.

I’m only focusing on the base, and not really worried all that much about the short & super short print variants. But it is very pleasing to me to look at a binder full of cards with a few missing slots here and there.  And I’m looking forward to being able to complete the book, and be able to flip through it and see 1,000 (or so) cards in a complete set.


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