OOTP: Pitch For More Cohesive National Teams

One of the things I enjoy most about Out of the Park Baseball is the game’s depth & width. The baseball universe you can create in the game is limited literally only by your computer’s processing power.

When I create new games, I like to include a lot of amateur baseball, college & high school teams and international competitions. But one thing that’s always frustrated me is the lack of cohesion in the national teams. Each event is treated independently of each other. So there’s no natural flow from – for example – the U18 team to the U23 or Collegiate team up to the amateur or pro national teams.

I think the solution to this would be as easy as creating a National Team organizational screen similar to the team home screen for a Major League team. The pro team would effectively be the MLB team with the collegiate and age-bracketed teams (or an amateur team, no age limit but no pro service) would be treated like minor league teams.

This would open the possibility of letting players train with their national program during the offseason. Playing for Team USA as an under 18 would give a player a development bonus as they grow into a pro prospect.

Now, I’m not a game programmer, so I don’t know what this all would entail, but the OOTP staff has grown and with better support from alliances with Major League Baseball, maybe they have the resources to get into the international & amateur game a little deeper.

Either way, if we get this or not, Marcus and his team have done a phenomenal job creating the exact baseball game that I want to play.

Author: paul

2 thoughts on “OOTP: Pitch For More Cohesive National Teams

    1. Hey Sosx.
      I’m not sure if the 21 stuff is compatible with 22. I am working on a new version of those templates, and I’m finishing up the NCAA D1/Juco D1/HS template now. The ones from last year were buggy and I after play testing, I think the new templates I’m building will be much better for players.

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