Not the MLB: Changwon NC Dinos

In October 2019 I did a series at my original site called “Not the NFL”, where I put together a football league based solely on the coolest football logos in professional football history (of teams that are not in the NFL). We’re going to do the same thing here with baseball. The “Not the MLB” series will take a look at some of the coolest logos and uniforms in professional baseball outside of Major League Baseball.

First up we’re going to everybody’s favorite Pandemic Mistress League, the Korean Baseball Organization.

Team: NC Dinos (NC 다이노스)
Hometown: Changwon, South Korea
League: KBO
Years: 2013 – present
Stadium: Changwon NC Park
KBO Championship: 2020
Korean Series Champions: 2020

The NC Dinos joined the KBO as the league’s 9th team in 2013 after spending 1 season in the unaffiliated “Futures League”. They became the first team not centered in one of South Korea’s metro hubs calling the city of Changwon home. Changwon itself was incorporated in 2010 after Changwon, Jinhae and Masan were integrated into one.  The Dinos are the city’s fourth professional sports franchise, along with the Sakers of the Korean Basketball League, Changwon FC &  Gyeongyam FC both playing soccer.

Korean teams, following the lead of other southeast Asian franchises, have a majority sponsor naming convention. Video game publisher NCSoft founded the franchise, getting naming rights and creating the NC Dinos.

The logo doesn’t reference the team name, but they do have 2 dinosaur mascots, Sseri (famously, SB Nation’s ‘Swole Daddy’) and Dandi. But the color scheme looks great. This shade of blue works incredibly well with the sandy “gold”. The NCSoft branding is very understated, particularly in contrast to the imaging of teams like the Kiwoom Heroes or kt Wiz.

The team has four kits, all stylistically identical, but featuring the full swath of colors (white, blue & gold) plus a great looking light blue jersey option that is a S-tier light blue/dark blue look.

In our Not the MLB League, the expansion NC Dinos will join our Asian Pacific Division, and may be joined by the Doosan Bears later on in this series.

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