I Got an Email from Larry Andersen

I’m going to start this by saying: Please don’t abuse the generosity shown in this post.

Two years ago I sent out a batch of requests to some of my favorite play-by-play announcers. I got exactly one response from Sean Aronson of the St. Paul Saints. Until tonight. I checked my email to see something that starts “My name is Larry Andersen”.

Larry Andersen was one of the guys I contacted about a scorecard. Larry’s been part of the Phillies’ broadcast team for a while, and before that was a relief pitcher known for being a Hall of Fame level pranker. LA made his splash in the big leagues as Seattle’s Jello Man, terrorizing manager Rene Lachemann. I also forgot that I had sent Larry a request for a signed scorecard, and sent him a TTM for my 2019 Phillies Frankenset.

Tonight though, I got a reply from my first request, and Larry was exactly what you would expect if you listen to him call games with Scott Franzke. The email LA sent is delightful, and I’m happy to share it with you. Just, seriously guys, don’t flood him with requests for stuff now.  Please don’t take advantage.

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2 thoughts on “I Got an Email from Larry Andersen

  1. He’s also famous for being the pitcher the Red Sox traded Jeff Bagwell for. I always get a little defensive about that trade. Andersen was good for the team down the stretch and helped the Red Sox to the playoffs that year. I don’t think anyone at the time though a third baseman (where the Sox had Wade Boggs) who showed very little power in the minors would end up being the Hall of Fame slugger he became?

    1. It’s easy to pick apart a trade in hindsight. LA was a good hand, and I think his value probably couldn’t be measured in stats because of his clubhouse presence. Plus, I don’t think Bagwell has the same impact on the Red Sox as he did in Houston. They would have needed to move him to first, or once he showed his power value slot him in at DH.

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