We’ve Joined an Online OOTP League

After decades of playing Out of the Park Baseball, I’ve finally jumped in to an online league. I’ve picked up the St. Louis Cardinals in the Balco League. It’s a historical league that started in 1992 and is currently in 1995.

We’ve got a pretty unremarkable team, sitting 10 games back after 38 games in the season. Our Cardinals on first brush look like a small-ball team with guys like Royce Clayton, Luis Alicea and Darren Bragg. In fact, Wil Cordero is our power guy with a .292/.364/.403 slash. Our pitching is equally forgettable. We’re being lead by Donovan Osborne at 4-1 with a 2.72 and 36 strikeouts in 56.1 innings.

Our offensive WAR is atrocious right now. Not one player is at a 1.0, Wil Cordero is the closest at .94, and Geronimo Pena is the least replacementy- WAR guy at a -.28. And considering that the Cardinals are Whitey Herzog’s team, there’s really no speed in the line-up either. Doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot in the system, either. Kevin Millar is the only name in the minors that I even recognize. And 1-5’s a great guy on Intentional Talk and was a great part of the Red Sox 1st World Series run. But, you know, hate to say it, or like, whatever, but not exactly the 1st coming of Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.

I’m in an interesting spot. The team is basically an expansion team. A bunch of young chafe with the past-prime role guy like Dave Madagan. I don’t have much to work with, so it’ll be a lot of waiver wire work, and trying to make some package deals for projects.

So, we’ll keep an eye on what we can do running a tragically small St. Louis Cardinals team in the mid-90s.

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