Another 100 Win Season in OOTP Perfect Team

Our second OOTP Perfect Team season is in the books, if you’re unfamiliar, Perfect Team is a build-a-deck style multi-player format in Out of the Park Baseball. It’s part Strat-o-matic, and part Pokemon. And worth a look if you’re a sports management gamer.

After winning my rookie season championship in the Rookie League, we got promoted to the Stone League.  This season, as the Falmouth Commodores, we went 104-58. Struggling out of the gate, but we hit our stride mid-first half, and walked our division. Butch Wensloff, our starter from the mid-40’s Yankees went 20-4. But it was an ensemble offense that carried the Commodores. We lead the league in runs scored walking away (923 to 2nd place’s 884), were second in team batting average at .277 and third in homeruns with 245. We also top-3’rd in runs against, and both rotation & bullpen ERA. Lucas Giolito was the only Commodore to top 3 any of the big individual categories.  He had 264 strikeouts in the campaign.  But, we won the division by 13 games, and were 6 games clear of the the next best division winner in our league.

Unfortunately, it was that next team, the Sacramento Tuxedo Cats (98-64) that dumped us in the League Championship Series in five games. But any team that can win with Phil Bradley, Gabe Kapler and Ricky Horton deserves respect. We did play ourselves into a promotion to the Iron League, and the third rung on the 8-rung OOTP Perfect League ladder.

Iron League starts tomorrow. I stocked up on some gold and diamond class players. Hoping to keep the 100-win season streak alive.

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