OOTP Perfect Team Champions!

I’ve been playing Out of the Park Baseball since, hell, I don’t know, Tandy was making computers? Either way, I’ve been playing OOTP forever, but I’ve always played single player. And a lot of the time, I just like to build a baseball universe, and let it run. See what happens in 25, 50, 100 years of baseball from whenever I start. But, fairly recently, I decided to try my hand at multi-player OOTP.

As it turns out, I ain’t bad at it. Took a team lead by Louis Robert, Melky Cabrera and a starter from the 1943 Yankees to a 114-48 record and a Rookie League championship. The team gets promoted to an Iron division league tomorrow, and I’ve got a few arrows in the quiver to upgrade the squad.

In other news, I’ve got my first Comc submission package ready to ship, I’ve already made a few sales, and I’ve learned a lot about the platform.

Tomorrow I think I’ll watch the Cleveland/Chicago Cubs World Series games while I do some job training and maybe make some new custom cards.  I’m feeling good. I hope you’re feeling good, too.

Author: paul

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