Bull Durham Custom Cards

I did a handful of movie-based customs during my break from posting on Ashburn & Yawkey.  So these are scans of the printed images (I wiped my HDD between then and now). Apologies for the quality of the scans, but it’s late 80’s team issue & ProCards design, so I figure it’s almost on brand.

These I suppose would fall into the “Cards That Never Were”. The ’89 ProCards design I think was my first exposure to minor league cards, and it instantly charged me up. It’s part of what flipped the switch for me on my interest in minor leagues and “ESPN Ocho” type sports. I think my favorite part of Bull Durham might be the epilogue when Crash gets picked up by the Tourists, gets his home run and then goes back to get Annie. I also had a chance to see a game at McCormack Field in Asheville (and the original Durham Athletic Park). But I was so young, I don’t have any of the souvenirs or anything from those games. So for me, these are kind of the team cards I would have gotten in 42 year old me went to the game with 12 year old me.

Up next I’ve got some Major League & Mr. Baseball cards based on the 1990 Topps & 1992 BBM designs.  I believe I may be the first custom card designer to do a ’93 BBM.  It’s really tough to create the template because there aren’t many high quality scans of the original set release and the typography is so faint against such a pale background.

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