Stumbled Across Pack-Pulled Mike Trout & Bryce Harper Pre-Rookies


I decided to cheat a little bit on the $50 challenge. I decided to go through the books of cards I’ve gotten in the last few years to put together a modern shipment for Comc. In my minor league book, I just so happened to run across a couple really interesting cards.

These 4 cards are the big hits from some packs of 2018 Panini Stars & Stripes and 2011 Topps Heritage minor leagues. During the 2010’s I would just grab some cheap packs of cards at Target just to scratch the “I want to open cards” itch.

Out of the 2018 Stars & Stripes cards, I hit a bunch of autos and relics. The Masyn Winn is listing at about $40.  I also pulled a Logan Forsythe & Petey Halpin auto that I haven’t found a price on. But the Halpin is a x/10, so I think there might be some money in there.

Now, the Heritage was awesome. Looking back, there are a couple of nice cards in there. A Mike Fltynewicz relic, Christian Yelich and Nolan Arenado base. And a couple of the Baseball America cards.  But 4 really jumped out at me.  This Jesus Montero black border and a Matt Harvey Baseball America base both are $10 cards. But the Bryce, which is crisp as hospital sheets I think could be a BGS 9 and rate at about $30.

But man, that Trout. That’s a really nice card. Ungraded it’s a $175-$200 card.Three of these cards are going to be added to my upcoming Comc page. The Harper is getting added to my personal collection.

Speaking of my Harper PC, I’ve been hitting the Topps Bunt app aggressively. I’m three cards shy of having a copy of every Harper common insert available in the app, and have a good chunk of the uncommons and rares.  (I’ve also got all but 4 Alec Bohm inserts, and more than half the Mike Schmidt inserts in Bunt).

I’ll post the full list of what I’m putting up on Comc. If any of you friends are interested in picking through, I’ll give you first crack.

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  1. … So, my BUNT handle is stupid and I want to change it. But it's MILFSC. I was bored one night, started to collect Kick and just as a lark went with MILF SC. Then went across all the Topps apps with it, and now, much regret.

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