MLB Look Back: San Francisco Giants’ Greatest Hits


The third team in our “Best of the Bigs” uniform series is the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are one of the few teams in baseball to not feel the need to have blue or red as part of their imaging (Oakland moved away from blue & red when they left Shibe and moved west to Kansas City). Orange and black are one of my favorite uniform color combinations, and the Giants have done it very well for a very long time.

The modern set, which leans heavily on the team’s past is a classic, timeless look that always feels fresh, sharp and almost always stands in strong contrast against whatever team they’re playing.

But, my favorite look goes back to the dying days of disco. In 1977 the Giants jumped on the bandwagon, and went to pullovers & sansabelts, and introduced this great new “Giants” script. They also went a new direction, wearing orange & black tops, instead of traditional road greys. 

I prefer pullovers to button ups, and strong colors versus greys and pinstripes.  The Yankees all look like accountants in their plain grey roads, and blue pinstripe homes.  They look like they all get together and have a Stella Artois before getting in their luxury cars and driving to the Connecticut suburbs after the Manhattan work day. But the Giants, especially this Giants look, the team looks like they’re playing beer league softball. Buddies from the warehouse getting together on a Thursday night to drink some beers & hit some bombs.  This jersey feels like fun. And that’s what baseball is, fun. Right?

Okay, back to learning math, so I can make more stats and like baseball more!

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