MLB Look Book: D-Backs Hot Take Ahead

We’re spending this off season looking at some of my favorite MLB uniforms. Maybe we will get back to non-MLB looks, but right now, we’re sticking to the bigs. I started a couple days ago with my favorite Phillies’ uniform, the 1989 roadies.

Today we’re going out on another limb, and talk about what I like about the current Arizona Diamondbacks set.

To start, I wish teams like the D-backs would move away from the color red.  There are so many teams that incorporate red into their logo, that we really don’t need anymore. But I do like the deep Sedona Red on this kit. It draws the eye to where it needs to go, the cap logo, the number, the names on front and back.

While the team could have avoided red, the black and slate gray is what makes this look rock. The subtle use of brick red and white trim around black lettering on the front and back numbers make those elements look ghosted. It’s a mean, modern take on a uniform, which is a drastic departure from the team’s original teal & purple look. The current D-backs uniform set, and this look specifically, feels like a uniform a very serious AABC team on their way to the Stan Musial World Series.


This is a ball players’ uniform. It’s not a Brandiose dumpster fire. When I was going through the Diamondbacks uniform history, I surprised myself when I hit on this as my favorite. But I think this could steer the uniform conversation into a a new direction.

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