Can you believe we’re still here?

 It’s been a difficult year. I know, I know we’ve all had a difficult year. We all have friends in the medical field that we worry about, and uncles and cousins who are loudly ignorant. Some of us have lost our jobs, savings, friends, loved ones.  The list of things that 2020 has stripped from us beyond time is long, and life – as we have been so painfully reminded this year – is short.

That said, yeah, 2020 has been a gong show. Not only have I not gone to any sporting event since Tallaght Stadium in February. But I think I can count the number of public places I’ve been on two hands.  We lost sports, almost totally. With everything else that happened this year, watching sports was damn near depressing. The closest I got was watching Gaelic football matches thanks to the Dublin GAA board’s YouTube page.

The ECHL has cancelled their season, I would expect the AHL to do the same. Baseball may get a late start, if we’re being honest. The NBA and the NHL were the only two American leagues that handled the pandemic anywhere close to right.

I haven’t done much as far as sports fandom goes. I did join the Irish American Baseball Society. And I’m starting to dabble in sabermetrics.

There is precious little else to do that doesn’t involve staring at computer screens.  Might as well stare at numbers, right?

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