Nothing Has Happened Since March

 Tallaght Stadium and Croke Park were the last two venues and sporting events I attended before COVID-19 shut everything down. I’m very fortunate that my partner and I threaded the needle between a major storm that hit Ireland the week before our trip, and the pandemic forcing stay at home orders less than a month after our return.

I am frustrated and disappointed with America’s response to COVID-19. I am disgusted by the lack of Federal leadership, and by the childish and selfish attitude of so many.

Not only has COVID-19 cost me my job, my spring, my summer, but it has robbed us of the engagement experience. My fiancee’s grandmother still hasn’t seen the ring. We can’t plan our wedding because who fucking knows when my friends and family from three different states will be allowed to travel in to Massachusetts without a 14-day quarantine period on either end.  And who knows when we’ll be allowed to have gatherings of more than 10 people again.

And because this orange fucking buffoon has fucked with the Postal Service, I can’t even enjoy sending out TTM autograph requests, because who knows if or when mail will get anywhere now.

I’m disgusted, I’m ashamed, and I’m disappointed in my country. November is coming quickly. We cannot survive another 4 years of this idiot in charge.

If you disagree with me, keep it to yourself, because I don’t care what you think. You’re wrong, and you’re part of the fucking problem.

Author: paul

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