TTM Success #32 & 33 – The Voice of Bonnie Swanson, Jennifer TIlley, and former Phillie Bill Campbell

Sorry, but no photos.  As I mentioned on Sunday, my current computer is slowly going the way of the buffalo.  So instead of trying to wrestle any sort of performance out of this thing, I’m just going to report very simply that I did receive two TTM returns today.

I also now have about 80% of the parts I need for my new computer.  But of course I’m waiting for the most important parts (you know, useless stuff, like a motherboard, memory kit, hard drive and power supply).

Regardless.  Today’s returns came back from voice actress and poker player Jennifer Tilley as well a former Phillies pitcher Bill Campbell.

Campbell had a 57 game shot with the Phillies in 1984, the beginning of the tail end of what had been a workhorse bullpen career.  Campbell twice lead his league in games or games finished and in 1977 lead the American League in saves (31) grabbing his only All-Star Game nod as well as some MVP and Cy Young votes.  Impressive feat for the 70’s when relievers were the punters of the the sport.  In 1983 Campbell pitched in exactly half the regular season games the Chicago Cubs played.  But his ERA ballooned to four and a half, and after the ’83 season he began a 4 team in 4 season tour that would lead into the end of his career.  His only post season glory came as a rostered pitcher for Whitey Herzog’s Cardinals in 1985, striking out 5 in 4 innings against the Kansas City Royals.

Campbell returned 2 Phillies TTM Frankenset customs in 15 days (give or take, since I think my partner left the envelopes in her handbag for a few days…)

Jennifer Tilley first shot into my consciousness about 20 years ago.  I was (am?) a massive fan of the first Matrix movie, and was told that the Wachovski Brothers had made a move called Bound as a demo tape to Warner Brothers before the studio would trust them with a very large boat load of money to make the greatest cyberpunk film ever.

Bound was a very different movie, and was a three-hander starring Tilley and Gina Gershon as the protagonists and Joe Pantaliano as Tilley’s gangster husband bad guy.  Tilley’s character falls for Gershon (and I mean, who wouldn’t), and pulls Gershon’s character – fresh out of a 5 year bid – into a Tarantino meets Thelma and Louise spiral.

The movie is incredibly well done.  There are hints at the pioneering cinematography that we would see in the Matrix series, but the handling of a very small story as well as a really unique take on a love triangle make Bound a great stand alone watch. 

After Bound, Tilley stayed in my ear as a voice actress, handling the microphone as Bonnie Swanson, the perma-pregnant wife of Joe in Family Guy.  More recently, Tilley found herself in a relationship with poker’s Unabomber, Irish player Phil Laak.  Laak introduced her to the game, and she found a fantastically lucrative second career in card rooms.  She is one of a handful of women to win bracelets at the World Series of Poker and for the last few years has been a mainstay at the top of “Best Female Players” lists.

Tilley returned in about 3 weeks via an email request sent to an address that is widely available.  If you can’t find it, feel free to leave a comment below, and I’ll dig through my outbox to accommodate.

New computer is being built tomorrow night.  Thursday, fingers crossed, I will be doing some NHL 20 streaming on  And then from there, it should be back to a more consistent posting schedule.

Hope your mailboxes are full of autographs and light on bills.

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