TTM Return # 31 – Former Phillies’ Outfielder & Coach, Milt Thompson || Fan Pack Return #19 Da Bears

Player: Milt Thompson
Sent: 7/6/19
Return: 9/21/19 (77 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Address Source: Cincinnati Reds’ Stadium listed on SCF.

Team: Chicago Bears
Sent: 9/13/19
Return: 9/21/19 (8 days)
Items: 2 stickers, 2 2019 pocket schedules
Address Source: email from SCF.
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Nice way to end the week, getting two returns in a day.  That’s pretty uncommon here, considering the low volume of requests I actually send out.  But it was nice to get Milt Thompson back after almost two months (77 days).  And an 8 day turn around to get a couple of Chicago Bears schedules is really good, too.

I remember when the Phillies brought Milt Thompson in from the St. Louis Cardinals, I immediately liked him.  He carried himself very calmly and professionally. An incredibly stark contrast to the rest of the “Macho Row” Phillies that made the ‘93 World Series run.  There’s a Phillies video yearbook from Thompson’s first season, or the year he was traded to Philly, depending on your preferred verbiage, and I remember there was video of him walking into the Phils’ clubhouse still with his Cardinals’ team issued duffel bag.   I think that might have been when I started to realize that players aren’t necessarily as rabid about their team as the fans.  As a kid, I would have thought that if someone was traded, anything with the old team’s logo would just go into the trash.

Which, when looking back as an adult, I find hilarious that players will keep using gear they got for free, despite the logo on it, while fans will spend well over $100 on a jersey, and then burn it if the play leaves.  (Then spend over $200 to buy the throwback after he retires.)

Regardless, Milt and Jim Eisenrich were two of the Phillies who were least like the other guys personality wise in the 90’s.  And it is very much an appropriate Philadelphia Phillies tale to tell that the two quiet, reserved outfielders were playing the misfit role to a team full of John Kruks and Lenny Dykstras.

Milt was a part of the ’93 team, but was also a coach in the ‘08 World Series winners.  So I get to add a couple of WS logo badges to the returned collection.

With Milt, we now have 32 cards in the Frankenset and are slowly finishing up page 4(!).  The Phillies TTM Frankenset began in March with Bobby Shantz and Pat Neshek (who I may or may not have called ‘the gateway drug to TTM collecting’ on my episode of the TTMCast), and now we’re starting to build a pretty respectable set.  I have a big stack of cards to print and ship out.  And I think we may keep noodling away on this set until this coming March.  Make it a year long project.

If you want to see the set I’m working with (the original custom designs), you can see them here.
If you want to keep track of the returns, you can see those cards here.

The second return of the day came by way of the Chicago Bears.  I’ve seen some dope fan pack returns from them this season on their SCF page.  But it looks like they put their energy towards younger fans, which is fine with me.  I’m happy with the pocket schedules to add to my collection.  I really like the stickers, too.  They’re a little cheeky.  One design is the iconic Mike Ditka sweater vest.  The other is a “fauxback” wordmark design with a 1920’s style “Chicago Bears” in a football.  Pretty unique looking stickers that I’m sure would look great on a Bears’ fan laptop, binder, desk, lucky beer stein, or whatever.

The Bears are my 19th fanpack return, and my second NFL return.  If you want to see all my fanpacks, you can see them here.  If you want to compare pocket schedule collections, yours is bigger, I’m sure, but mine are listed here on my “Collections” page.

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