Fan Pack #18 – Pittsburgh Steelers (First NFL Fan Pack Return, First Fan Pack Since July!)

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Sent: 9/13/19
Return: 9/18/19 (5 days) [TTM HOF Entry]
Items: sunglasses, lanyard, can coozie, 2 stickers, 2019 pocket schedules
Address Source: email from SCF.
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I’ve only been a football fan for about a decade, going back to a run working for a semi-pro team in South Jersey in the old NAFL.  One of our boys from that team went on to play a couple years indoor and had a cup of coffee with the BC Lions.  From there, I spent some time trying to build my own semi-pro team, and finally settled in doing some work with Globe Games.  Those experiences lead me to being a fan of the indoor and Canadian game, but I never had much time for the NFL.

This season I brought back my fantasy league and running a 12 team keeper league, with an upstairs neighbor that is also a fantasy player (and willing to get Red Zone on our shared cable account…), it’s time I go all in on The League.  Ostensibly, I am an Eagles fan.  That’s the team I was saturated with growing up, it’s my home town team, and I’m too much of a natural contrarian to be a Patriots fan now that I live in a town surrounded by Patriots fans.

But, like most football fans, I’m just enjoying watching all the games.

This return is my first football return, and comes in from the Steelers.  There was another return recently that included a letter and a team photo, but that was a return specifically for someone’s kid, and I think because I don’t try to sell myself as a young person, I may not get all the stuff that other collectors get.  Which is fine.  I do add a couple pocket schedules for my collection, and I like stickers.  So good stuff for me.

I’m tinkering with the idea of putting together a super pack of prizes for my league.

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