TTM Success #28: Dale Sveum & New Site Seems to Be Rolling Out

Player: Dale Sveum
Sent: 7/6/19
Return: 8/2/19 (44 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Address Source: Scottsdale, AZ address listed on SCF.

Dale Sveum is definitely a first ballot Baseball Name Hall of Fame entry.  Sveum played for the Phillies in 1992.  Philly was the first stop on a seven team tour that started after he spent the first six years of his career in Milwaukee (way back when that meant playing in the American League.

Svuem was also named the interim manager of the Brewers in 2008, going 7-5 to replace Ned Yost.  Good enough to earn the team a Wild Card berth, where they faced the Phillies (getting eliminated 3-1).

After finishing up the ’08 season with the Brewers, he went to Chicago to manage the Cubs for a couple seasons.  He wasn’t with the team in 2016, but apparently made enough of a contribution in his two years to earn himself a ring.

Sveum’s return is the 28th towards the Phillies’ TTM Frankenset and ends a drought of about two and a half weeks.

For those that use SCF, it looks like the long-worked on redesign is slowly making it’s way out.  Right now it looks like those changes are minor graphical elements.  But a site the size of SCF, stable sitewide changes typically do happen at a glacial pace.

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