Custom Cards: 18 New Editions to the Phillies Frankenset

Found a great resource for Phillies who sign autographs through the mail. It’s The Phillies Collector.  The domain name has expired, but the site is still online, so you may have to do some reverse engineering to navigate.  But with a little patience you can find a pretty robust list.  It is dated, so I’ve been cross-referencing names against the Sports Card Forum TTM database to see who’s been signing recently.  So far, I’ve added 18 new entries to the Frankenset, and have a nicely rounded group of guys to print and mail out.

My guidelines for deciding who to make cards for in this set are pretty simple.  Basically, I find a Phillies player – like I have through the Phillies Collector site – and check them against SCF.  If it seems that the guy has been signing recently through the mail, for no donation, then I see if I can find a good picture of them in a Phillies’ uniform.

Sometimes, like with Ramon Aviles, Don Carman or Ryne Sandberg, the best photos I could find have them wearing minor league uniforms.  So I’ve started a little insert set with those.  So far in the 60 or so cards I’ve made, I have to say, I’m pretty happy.  There aren’t any guys that I feel like I’m missing out on because I can’t find decent pictures to use, and there are only a handful of players that I’m probably going to miss on because they do require a donation or because they simply don’t sign.

These 18 cards bring the Frankset up to 58.  Take a look at the whole set here.

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