Biggest Mail Day Yet With TTM Success #19 Tom Qualters Plus Pocket Schedules and Adds to Mike Schmidt PC

Player: Tom Qualters
Sent: 7/6/19
Return: 7/18/19 (12 days)
Ratio: 4/2
Address Source: Somerset, PA address listed on SCF.

Let’s start at the top. Three packages in on mail day.  (Well, 4, the Kindle HD 10 that I picked up on Amazon Crash Prime Day came in as well.)  Two of my recent eBay wins cams in as well as a return from Tom Qualters towards my Phillies TTM Frankenset.  Mr. Qualters, who is 84 years old, signed two custom cards beautifully with a black pen and included 2 copies of his ’54 Topps (which I guess is a ’94 Archives set?). 

Qualters joins Bobby Shantz, Curt Simmons and Cookie Rojas as some of the oldest young men to return some cards for me, and when these guys in their 70’s and 80’s take the time to send autographs out, it’s so very touching.  Because this is 50 or 60 years dedicated to the game, and decades of taking time out of their retirement to sign cards and pictures to fans who (like me) may have never seen them play.

I also got an eBay package with 29 MiLB schedules, all are 2019 season.  The only duplicate is from the New Hampshire Fishercats.  I’m updating the list on my Collections page.  I also got a package with 50 Mike Schmidt cards for my PC.  There are some duplicates, but I was able to add a handful of more modern (or at least post-retirement) cards.  There are some dupes scattered throughout.  I’m going to be updating my Schmidt PC list as well.

Besides the big mail day, I updated the site a little bit.  I also rearranged some of the pages, breaking out the Phillies TTM Frankeset and Fan Pack returns from the Returns page.  I added my PC page to the regular old Collections page.  I also updated the banner.  So wow, a big day here at the corner of Ashburn & Yawkey.

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