News: HockeyTech App Developer Takes to AHL App to Complain About Non-Payment & Threats of Assault

It seems that an unhappy coder has taken to using their access to the American Hockey League mobile app to lodge their complaints against HockeyTech.

An unknown contractor aired his grievances against Stewart Zimmel, Chief Operating Officer of HockeyTech.  HockeyTech provides mobile app design and management for NHL and AHL franchises.

According to the posts (which were screengrabbed between 10 and 11AM this morning), the unknown developer has accused Zimmel and HockeyTech of refusing to pay “nearly $6,000” and has accused Zimmel of “threatening to punch Ian Bowman in the throat”.

I want to clarify that I am assuming, based on access to the backend of the AHL app and the ability to push notifications, as well as the threat of a “workplace report” that the person throwing these updates is a developer, possibly a contract coder hired by HockyTech.  It is also a simple allegation of threat of violence as there is no evidence presented.

Regardless, allowing a “rogue agent” to start spamming-posting push notifications with allegations of failure to pay and threats of violence makes HockeyTech as well as the AHL look like a beer league gong show in the middle of an otherwise very dull hockey off season.

I will keep an eye on the app as well as the league & HockeyTech’s social media (because I have a very boring day at work lined up) and see if this story develops into anything.

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