2017 World Baseball Classic Custom Card Set (1985 Topps Style)

Somebody keeps ordering rain for the weekends around here, so again, the threat of helacious thunderstorms has washed out a Saturday plan of going to see some baseball. So while watching the Yankees and Red Sox post American football scores in England at an Olympic stadium, I decided to bang out some new custom cards.

This is actually the completion of a set I started last year featuring the 2017 World Baseball Classic.  The top 4 teams (USA, Japan, Puerto Rico and The Netherlands) get 25+ cards per team, and the 4 teams that qualified out of the opening pool play (Israel, Dominican Republic, Venzeula and Cuba) get cards for their top performers in the tournament.

The set uses the 1985 Topps template made by fordmanf150.com.

Take a look at the entire 137 card set here, or by clicking over to the Custom Cards page.

Author: paul

2 thoughts on “2017 World Baseball Classic Custom Card Set (1985 Topps Style)

  1. Thanks, buddy. It's one of my favorite Topps designs, and the template I found made it super easy. I think I did Cuba, Venezuela, Israel and the DR cards in like 2 hours while I was watching the Red Sox/Yankees game from London.

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