Fan Pack #16: Straight from Smashville – Nashville Predators in 6 Days

Team: Nashville Predators
Sent: 6/20/19
Return: 6/26/19 (6 days) [TTM HOF Entry]
Items: bottle coozie, two large logo stickers, 1 large logo magnet, thank you note.
Address Source: email from SCF.
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A great quick return from the Nashville Predators.  I saw another return on SCF that had gotten some LED light up bracelets and a lanyard.  Would have been neat.  But still, these are not cheap stickers or magnets and the drink coozie is high quality, too.  The “special delivery from Smashville” return address sticker is also a nice touch.  A hand written & personalized note from “guest experience” is kind of odd, I think if you’re going to personalize a note then you should let your intern throw a name on it.

Author: paul

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