Fan Packs #14 & 15: San Jose Sharks & Clearwater Threshers

Team: Clearwater Threshers
Sent: 6/15/19
Return: 6/21/19 (6 days) [TTM HOF Entry]
Items: Game day program, jar opener, drink coozie, phone wallet, 2 2019 pocket schedules
Address Source: email from SCF.
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Team: San Jose Sharks
Sent: 6/15/19
Return: 6/21/19 (6 days) [TTM HOF Entry]
Items: Logo magnet, sticker & temporary tattoo, 2 oversized cards (Joe Pavelski and Joe Thorton).
Address Source: email from SCF.
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Two returns today after an eight day drought.  These two both come back in under a week and are from a recent volley of fan pack requests sent out after listening to a recent episode of TTM Cast with @TrentFanPackTTM.

Both are pretty cool returns, the Sharks had a great run this season, deep into the playoffs.  I’ve been a fan of the Sharks, or at least their logo, going back to their first season in the early 90’s.  I know it’s derivative of the Penguins’ logo (which, as a Flyers fan, I begrudgingly admit that I really like their logo, too).  The oversized cards are a little lack luster, printed on glossy stock, more like very small posters than cards, and there’s nothing printed on the reverse side.  But, if Pavelski & Thorton are TTM-amenable, these might be cool to send out for auto requests.

The Threshers are a good grab for me.  A few years ago I did get a chance to see a Phillies’ Spring Training game at the (then) Brighthouse Networks Field.  I miss the Clearwater Phillies’ name and logo though.  I mean, who the hell really knows what a Thresher is?  Anyway, this is the first fan pack return I’ve gotten with unique promo items, like the jar opener and the coozie.  I even like the little phone wallet thing.  I didn’t know what it was until my partner (who is a millennial) explained what it was.  The pocket schedules and program features Phillies’ top prospect Alec Bohm.  So it’s cool to have some pre-rookie Bohm stuff.

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