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Back to Basics: A Bunch of New Phillies Frankenset Cards for TTM Requests

So a couple weeks ago I was thinking about retiring the Frankenset. But I started to see some different Phillies return, and some guys that I had a connection to. So I reconsidered. Why retire the set? The whole point was to fill sleeves with a clean, similar look. Makes sense to keep it running. I’m going to see how far big we can get this set.  The new thought, and that might change, because it’s my hobby and I’ll do what I want, is to do this as the 2019 Phillies set.  Then we’ll come up with a new design for 2020.  If it’s good enough for Jim and his Chachi set, it’s good enough for me.

You can see the whole 2019 Phillies TTM Frankenset here.


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