Fanpack #13: Hershey Bears

Team: Hershey Bears
Sent: 3/25/19
Return: 6/13/19 (80 days)
Items: Game day program (April 14th, 2019), 8×10 of Liam O’Brien and a 2016/17 schedule magnet
Address Source: email from SCF.

I’m not going to sugar coat it…I hate the Hershey Bears.  In youth, the Bears had been the AHL affiliate of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Then in the early 90’s the Flyers brought an AHL expansion team to Philly and immediately, we began to hate Hershey.  Some of the best rivalry games in the league happened between Hershey and Philly.  And it was a true treat to watch the Phantoms & Bears play the last regular season hockey game at The Spectrum.

When the Phantoms began to run the Bears out of the rink that night, some Bears fans decided to get chirpy.

Bears fan: Hey, at least we’ll have a team next year.
Me: Hey, did you see that building across the street?  NHL team still plays there.
Bears fan: (blank stare…slowly gets up…leaves.)

The Bears then proceeded to mollywop the Phantoms in the first round of that year’s Calder Cup playoffs.  It was bad.  The last game ever played at The Spectrum ended with Jay Beagle winding up to bury a rebound into an empty net.

So no, I would not consider myself a Bears fan.  But, I do appreciate the Bears extending the hockey season by at least one day for me.

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