Hockey Custom Cards: WHA TTM Set

(note: I do not own any of these photos or logos. None of these images are for sale)

I’m obsessed with the history of the WHA.  I love rebel leagues, and this was the most successful of any in modern history.  So with Bruins/Blues game 6 on the TV, I started cooking something up. 

When I start designing a card, the idea is to always have as much negative space as possible because I do want to get them autographed.  I also like very uniform looking cards that have only slight differences (besides, obviously the player photos).  With this particular set, I started looking at SCF for WHA guys that are taking TTM requests.  The big ones, for me, are Al Hamilton and John Lacroix.  Hamilton is a legend in Alberta, and Lacroix had a great WHA career and spent almost half of his professional life in Philadelphia (splitting time between the Flyers and the Blazers). 

One of the things about the WHA is that it’s a fraternity that seems to be more important than the team affiliation.  So I wanted to feature the league logo very prominently.  I also wanted the overall design to be very simple.  So really, the only elements are the thin team color border, the team logo and then a cutout photo with a drop shadow.

I keep looking at the John Lacroix though.  I think I might go in and cut out that net between his arm and body.  But that’s for another day.

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