TTM Success #15: Gold Glove Award Winner Jim “Kitty” Kaat

Player: Jim Kaat
Sent: 5/12/19
Return: 6/7/19 (26 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Address Source: Stuart, FL address listed on SCF.

So this is a thing only I’ll notice, or care about.  I try to put some logos on these cards, either World Series, or All-Star Games, here’s the first one with the Gold Glove logo.  But I try to only use things that these guys played for the Phillies’ for.  This card I put on the ’75 All-Star Game logo, which is fine, Kaat was on the ’75 All-Star team, problem for me is – Kaat was with the White Sox in ’75.

Anyway, this card starts the third row on page 2 of my Phillies’ TTM Frankenset binder.  I thought about putting this design style to an end.  Bur why?  I’ll keep going and see how many Phillies I can get and how many pages I can build out of this design.  Maybe I’ll do a new design for 2020 and do an annual Phillies set.

People on SCF have been reporting that Kaat requires a donation for a return.  I did not send a donation.  But as with everything in life, your miles may vary.

Author: paul

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