TTM Successes #13 & 14: Bill Almon and “The Bull” Greg Luzinski

Player: Bill Almon
Sent: 5/12/19
Return: 6/6/19 (25 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Address Source: Warwick, RI address listed on SCF.

Player: Greg Luzinski
Sent: 5/12/19
Return: 6/6/19 (25 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Address Source: Bonita Springs, FL address listed on SCF.

Another two-fer today with my first return of the week.  Bill Almon has been an automatic for TTM collectors for a while, so even though he didn’t spend much time with the Phillies, I still count his 20 games in 1988 for him and added him to the Frankenset.

Greg Luzinski had kind of the opposite sort of career with the Phillies.  The Bull – who operates a BBQ stand at Citizens Bank Park was a big part of the 1980 World Series team and a four time All-Star.  He also clocked not insignificant numbers of MVP votes in four different years.

These two returns put me at 15 unique cards returned in my Phillies TTM Frankenset.  I’ve turned the corner and am past halfway on filling page 2.

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