TTM Success #12 & Fanpack #12 Arrive on the Same Day: Cookie Rojas & St. Louis Cardinals Mail Day

Player: Cookie Rojas
Sent: 5/12/19
Return: 6/1/19 (20 days)
Ratio: 1/2 Item: 2 custom cards sent, returned 1 signed.
Address Source: Naples, FL address listed at SCF. 

 St. Louis Cardinals
Sent: 3/11/19
Return: 6/1/19 (82 days)
Items: 3 cards, 2 jumbo cards, 1 logo sticker, 1 schedule magnet, 1 pocket schedule
Address Source: email from SCF.

Phillies Frankenset return #12 and fanpack # 12 both arrive on the same day.  Cookie Rojas – who has one of the best names in the history of the game – sent one of the two customs back signed.  I’mSo  going to tell myself that he liked the card and kept it for his own collection.  Although it does seem as though he only signs 1 per request.

Cookie played for the Fightin’ Phillies from 1963 to 1969 and represented the Phils in the ’65 All-Star Game in Minneapolis.  I love the picture I found for the Rojas card, too.  The runner  peeling off in the double play I think is Milwaukee Braves’ Denis Menke, who later came to Philadelphia as a hitting coach.  Menke was on the coaching staff for the ’93 World Series team.

The Cardinals also showed me some mailbox love today and are the 12th team to send a fanpack here to the corner of Ashburn & Yawkey.

It’s a really good pack, too.  There are 5 cards in total, 2 oversized (maybe 5×7?) and 3 standard sized cards, all are private label designs (the oversized are Cardinals branded, the standard Fox Sports Midwest).  Both schedules are massive.  The magnet may be over a foot long and the pocket schedule is printed very cleanly and is easily read.

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