TTM Success #10: Curt Simmons

Player: Curt Simmons
Sent: 5/18/19
Return: 5/28/19 (16 days)
Ratio: 3/2 Item: 2 custom cards (1 returned unsigned) + signed photo added by Curt
Address Source: Prospectville, PA address listed at SCF.

This return may be the most meaningful to me since getting back into collecting.  The thought of 90 year old Curt Simmons taking the time to sign this custom card and then taking a picture out of a drawer in his home, signing it and putting it in the envelope to send to me gives me a warm feeling in my belly.

The story of Simmons and the 1950 World Series is fantastic.  The short version is that Simmons got called to active duty to server in the Korean War for the last few months of the season.  He was home in time for the World Series, which the Phillies faced the Yankees.  The Phillies had the option to petition the Commissioner’s Office for a waiver to make Simmons eligible for the postseason roster, but chose not to.

Some people think the decision to leave Simmons off the World Series roster cost the Phillies an opportunity to win their first World Series.  It would be 30 years before the team finally broke through for their first Commissioner’s Trophy.

Simmons joins Bobby Shantz (93) as the elder statesmen of my returns.  Shantz, who played for both the Philadelphia Phillies and the Philadelphia Athletics, is regarded as the greatest player not in the Hall of Fame and is proud of his status as the oldest living MVP.

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