Ryan Sandberg, Don Carman and Greg Gross – Final Additions to Phillies Frankeset?

These three designs put the Phillies’ TTM Frankeset at over 30 cards.  Don Carman was part of the post-80’s Phillies pitching staff that…did not…do…great.  He was, however, part of a 1980 Peninsula Pilots team that won 100 regular season games in the Carolina League and went on to win the league championship. 

Greg Gross was a master pinch-hitter.  He was like a super hero and his oddly specific power was coming in cold to a late game situation and roping a double off the wall at Olympic Stadium.

Please don’t make me tell you who Ryne Sandberg is.  The Phillies moved him to Chicago in what turns out to be one of the worst trades in team history.  I truly can’t handle the idea of ten years with Sandberg and Schmidt at 2nd and 3rd. 

I had a very difficult time finding a good picture of Carman or Sandberg in a Phillies uniform.  But I like the black and white picture I found of Ryno from his year with Oklahoma City.  And that photo of Don Carman in the Peninsula Pilots uniform came from the 1980 Burger King set.  I messed with the colors a little bit, and honestly, I think it may be my favorite photo on this set.

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