7 More Designs for the Phillies TTM Frankenset

Seven new cards for the Phillies’ Frankenset.  John Felske and Lee Elia add to Pat Corrales as managers in the set.  Ron Gant and Dale Sveum are added even though they played a limited number of games in Philly.  Sveum just has such a great baseball name.  Milt Thompson was one of the mild-mannered guys on the ’93 team.  Mickey Morandini was a huge part of the mid-90’s team, and if you listened to any Phillies game during his era, you can hear the Mighty Harry Kalas calling “MICK-EY MOR-AN-DI-NI” turning the double play.  I added the ’88 Olympic logo to Mickey’s card, I have a logo ball from that year’s tournament. I think Lonnie Smith was one of my mom’s favorite players.  She loved to remind me every time he came up to bat that his nickname was “Skates” because he had a tough time staying bipedal when he was traversing the bases.

I’ve got to restock on TTM supplies, but I’m probably going to send these, along with the Pat Corrales and Ricky Jordan cards out this weekend.  With these cards, the frankenset is 29 cards deep. 

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