How Not to Get Started in Collecting Game Used Baseball Memorabilia

I’m 41 years old, and in a lifetime of going to baseball games I have never caught a home run or foul ball.  I have never had a ball thrown to me from a player or coach.  I did once buy a hotdog for a young woman who shags fouls at New Bedford Baysox games, and I did come across some BP home run balls walking in to a Camden Riversharks game.  I don’t believe I’ve ever owned any game used baseball gear.  

That’s not to say that I don’t ‘get’ game used collector culture.  I’m constantly looking at line-up cards and nameplates and even game used baseballs.  I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  So I know what it’s about.  I get the appeal of owning something that was used in a baseball game, or say in the club house.  And there is a lane for everybody in collecting.

But shower shoes? Really?  Who is going to spend money to buy flip-flops that bus leaguers wore in the shower?

Nope.  Nevermind.  On second thought, I don’t want to know.


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