Mail Day: Mike Schmidt PC Additions & Schmidt PC Virtual Binder

These are the first cards I’ve added to my Mike Schmidt collection since 1990.  I won a very cheap eBay auction for 52 different cards, some are doubles, but there were a ton of mid/late 80 Fleer cards, some Kaybee and Score cards that I didn’t have.  And for the price, it was worth the addition.
The new cards gave me an opportunity to resort my Schmitty cards for the first time since junior high school.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into how to organize them, I was a Topps acolyte in my youth, so I always gave the Big Brand priority seating.  So I stuck with what I knew and sorted by brand then year then subset.  So the binder goes Topps > Fleer > Donruss > Score > Upper Deck > Oddballs.
I’ve got my eye on a couple other Schmidt lots on eBay, which may give me a reason to resort them by year then brand.  Until then, I did scan all the Schmidt pages in my Phillies’ PC binder.  If you want to flip through my “Virtual Schmidt Binder“, you can click here.

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