New Custom Cards: More of the Phillies’ design and a New 2018 Wareham Gatemen Design

I’m really happy with the success I’ve had getting the Phillies’ cards returned.  I like how they look in a binder page, and it looks like we’re well on our way to a “2019 Phillies’ TTM Frankeset”.  So here are four more designs towards that set.  For some reason on the last batch, I put the World series and All-Star logos between the Phillies’ logo on the player name, but I like it better the way it is here on the Del Unser.

I also started a new set featuring the 2018 Cape Cod League Champion Wareham Gatemen.  The Gatemen are the closest Cape league team to me (and many Cape Codders don’t even really consider Wareham a Cape town, which gives me even more reason to be a Gatemen fan).  The design is a slightly tweaked version of the ’84 Topps set.  The concept is an action shot of the player from the Cape league season with a headshot from their college team.  So far, I have FIU’s Austin Shenton, Creighton’s Isaac Collins and UCLA’s Jeremy Ydens.

I wouldn’t mind sending these out on request, but I’m not sure what the success rate might be.  Anyone ever send out TTM requests to college players?

Author: paul

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