Mail Day: 40+ Towards 1984 Fleer Base Set via eBay

I’m passively working on two sets right now, 2018 Topps flagship (Series 1 & 2) and 1984 Fleer.  I picked up a box of the 84 Fleer years ago for relatively cheap.  It was an “I just feel like busting packs” purchase, but it ended up being a pretty decent set starter.
It was stagnant for a while, sitting there just being incomplete and the price of 84 boxes increased significantly.  So I was banging around eBay and came across a lot of about 80 card that ended for $3 plus shipping.  The lot arrived today (a couple days early), and after running through them I’ve added 43 cards towards the complete set.

Obviously, there were none of the heavy hitters like the Mattingly rookie, but there was only 1 set of dupes (#101), and for a blind lot, I ended up needing a pretty good chunk of what showed up.

The dupes list is being updated as this posts.  So if you’re also building an ’84 Fleer set, hit this page to see my Wants/Haves and we can play a little Let’s Make a Deal.

Author: paul

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