Pack Rip: 2019 Topps Series 1 & Fairfield Repacks

Got a couple of packs at Target last night.  I hadn’t opened anything since my birthday, so I wanted to keep moving towards the 2019 Topps base set.  I picked up a couple of repack boxes from Fairfield, based on a couple of Jabs’ videos.

As you can see, not much happening.  In fact, the A&G pack was one card short.  But, I did get a cool Ty Cobb/Bryce Harper out of the 2019 box, and let’s be fair.  We can’t pack pull a NNOF Frank Thomas every time out.

Four more TTM requests are going out in the mail today.  Retired Phillies’ Phil Bradley, Curt Simmons, Bobby Wine and Cookie Rojas.

Author: paul

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