Name Check: Diamond Jesters

Matt over at Diamond Jesters was kind enough to mention the intersection here in a post today about a new bolt-on to his baseball memorabilia collecting.

I suppose I have to take the credit (blame?) for his new fascination with baseball fan packs. He was inspired by my Boston Red Sox fanpack post to get his own.  I think it was the prospect of getting a small bag of dirt off the playing field.

Take a second to visit Matt’s site, Diamond Jesters.  His repack haikus are great fun.  And Matt, hope the bunny feels better soon, khed.
Author: paul

2 thoughts on “Name Check: Diamond Jesters

  1. Thanks for the mention! Yes, the dirt was particularly amusing, even if I have to agree with my wife that it was just scooped out of a bag they bought at Home Depot! 😉 The rabbit is doing great, thanks for asking!

  2. Oh, that is 100% sure. I can't see any of the interns wandering out to the infield to scoop dirt into very small baggies.

    Glad the little hopper's getting better.

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