TTM Success #5: Larry Christenson

Player: Larry Christenson
Sent: 4/19/19
Return: 4/26/19 (7 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Item: 2 custom cards, returned 1 plus an 82 Donruss
Address Source: Malvern, PA address listed at SCF.

This is the first time a player has sent me a card from their own private stock.  I’m not sure if it’s because Larry liked my design, or didn’t want one to end up on eBay.  Either way, I appreciate that we traded one for 1.

I also don’t have an ’82 Donruss Christenson in my collection.  So that gets a thumbs up.

I do want to point out that the custom uses a picture from the only regular season game the Phillies ever wore the “Saturday Night Specials” in.  the all red set was not well received by players or fans, and was abandoned after this one game (that Christenson started).  The uniform only saw action one other time, when Mike Schmidt wore it during the MLB Japan tour.

Christenson wore it again during a Phillies celebration.  I can’t remember which one, may have been the opening of Citizens’ Bank Park.  They are awful looking.  But then again, I don’t think anybody is all that proud of how they dressed in 1979.  I was wearing diapers and onesies, so I know I’m not.

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