TTM Success #4: Tom Herr

Player: Tom Herr
Sent: 4/19/19
Return: 4/26/19 (7 days)
Ratio: 2/2
Item: 2 custom cards,
Address Source: Lancaster, PA address listed at SCF.

The first less than perfect return comes thanks to the United States Postal Service.  Tom herr has a great signature, and I am really happy with how this card came out.  I love the Lancaster Barnstormers’ logo, and the Atlantic League championship trophy is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, a letter carrier or mail sorter along the way managed to bend my return envelope right through the heart of both cards.  Really unfortunate.  The crease is pretty noticeable.  This brings up the moral dilemma of how long do I wait before I send another card to Tommy to sign?

I would genuinely like to hear some input if you want to drop a comment.
Author: paul

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