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I decided to give Vault Card Club a try after watching one of Jabs’ unboxing videos.  I wish I had not.  On the website, which is laughably amateur, they advertise a “Vault Pack” which is all “hits”.  To get a vault pack, you have to add a note to your order, which I did.  However, I did not get the vault pack.  Instead I got 2 packs of drafts, 2 recent series 1 packs and 2 recent Heritage packs.  Hardly worth the $29.95 I paid.  Not hardly, nowhere near.  The quality of packs was disappointing.  They say “5-7 packs”, I got 6 and they replace one pack with the hits pack.  So if I had gotten that, would I have not gotten one of the higher end Heritage packs?  Or would that have been the seventh pack?

There was nothing worth noting in any of the packs.  The biggest “hits” were an Aaron Judge All-Star Game rookie, a Christian Pasche “Leaps and Bounds”, and a Judge Opening Day from the “kids pack”, which I opened because I don’t know any kids, and I needed to spread that $30 out a little more.  There were some “hits” in the kid’s pack, but they aren’t worth mentioning either.  2 autos and a relic from guys that never made it to The Show.

These were the first packs I’ve opened this season, I was super excited to crack some packs, and I’m left wanting.  I didn’t even hit for any Phillies base cards.  Just a complete strike out.

I’ve emailed Vault Card Club regarding the lack of a hits pack, because seriously, I would have gone with another subscription box without that “all hits” option.  They made sure to condescend to me by reminding me that they can’t guarantee any outcome from unopened products.  But they have told me that they will send the Vault Pack.

Overall grade: C-

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  1. i placed to orders an have only recieved one.theres no phone number to contact an they have ignored my emails.ill never order from them again.wheres my money or product?

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