Birthday Baseball Pack Rips

My partner and her mother both know exactly the way to my heart – burritos and baseball cards.  So for my birthday, both of them got me a couple packs of Topps 2019 Series 1.  Between them I got a blaster box, 2 fat packs and blaster box.  A nice jump-start to the 2019 set.

The quick review of the set is this:

My favorite base design out of Topps in a few years.  It is a magnificent modernization of the mid-80’s design mentality.  The front looks like someone stared at the ’84 in action cards and said “these are great, how I can make them better”, then did.

The backs of the cards are great, bright, clean, crisp, easy to read.  My god, I’m getting old, because that’s very important to me.

My one and only complaint is that I really don’t like last name on top.  But it does look like a lot of thought went into font layout and size.  It doesn’t appear that any name had to be shrunk to fit, and I like that the first names go edge to edge on the colored bar.

I didn’t keep track of what cards were hit where, but I didn’t hit on anything life changing.  It was a much better pack session than yesterday’s Vault Card Club, though.  I put a pretty good dent in both the Phillies & Red Sox team sets, pulled Ohtani & Judge base cards, an ’84 and a 150 year stamped Khris Davis and a Roger Maris 150 year patch card.  I did pull a really nice Justin Verlander short print (wearing a sport coat with the All-Star Game Red Carpet Show backdrop).  I did pull two of the gold serial numbered cards (out of 2019), Zack Godley & Caleb Joseph.

I haven’t done much research into the 2019 set, I was pretty set on focusing on the Heritage set (mostly because I love that design).  But having them in hand has changed my mind, I’ll probably work on building Phillies & Red Sox Heritage team sets, but most of my 2019 card money is going towards the flagship line.

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