2019 Calder Cup Playoffs: Checkers vs Bruins

Playoff hockey, baby. There really isn’t anything better. The Providence Bruins struggled down the stretch and ended up with a first round dance against the league’s best team in the Charlotte Checkers.  Having watched the Bruins get slapped around by the Checkers a couple times during the regular season, I really expected the Bruins to get walked right out of the building in games 1 & 2.

Last night during game 1, I was at a fantastic production of Little Shop of Horrors at Trinity Repertoire in Providence.  I think it was during Suddenly Seymour that I got the update that the Bruins had dropped the series opener 5-4. PBruins Twitter was abuzz with how the Baby B’s played and said that the referees had snatched a win from the Bruins.

Game 2 came with no expectations, but the Bruins played an incredibly well disciplined game and were able to not just snatch a win and send the series to Charlotte 1-1, but also got under the skin of the Checkers.

If the Bruins don’t move on to round 2, at least the last game of the season was a fun one.

Author: paul

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