Fan Pack: Bowie Baysox

Team: Bowie Baysox
Sent: 4/11/19
Return: 4/20/19 (9 days)
Ratio: 0/2
Item: 1 pocket schedule, cello 4-pack of 2016 Topps flagshipAddress Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

I wasn’t expecting a return from the Baysox.  The only other SCF entry for the team is a return from last June.  There was no letter, and just a pack of cards and a pocket schedule in a PWE.
That sounds like a complaint, but it’s not.  I picture an intern trying to figure out how to fulfill a request for a fan pack.  I can see the scene playing out of them going to a closet and thinking “What can I send to this dude that will fit in an envelope?”

The pocket schedule is significant.  Not in that it means anything special.  But it is large.  It is entirely possible that if it were unfolded, it may be one of those old milk posters that Dale Murphy did that was a poster, but also a height chart.  It is an awesome looking schedule though.  Top flight design.

Author: paul

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