Fan Pack: Vancouver Canucks

Team: Vancouver Canucks
Sent: 3/26/19
Return: 4/17/19 (22 days)
Ratio: 0/4
Item: 3 oversized cards, 1 sticker
Address Source: email address via Sports Card Forum

I’m always appreciative when a team responds to an email and sends out a fan pack.  So when I say this isn’t the coolest fan pack, it’s still cooler than teams who don’t send fan packs (or teams like the Blue Jays, who do “digital fan packs”).

That said, the Vancouver Canucks were my first hockey Fan Pack return of the year with a slightly below (above? Stableford scoring?) par return with 3 oversized cards and a logo sticker.  The cards are of Bo Horvat, Ben Hutton and Jacob Markstrom.  The design is kind of a mess.  The background blends with the sweater almost completely making it look like just heads and logos on a very blue background.  The reverse is an add for the Canucks’ Kids Fund with nothing mentioning the player on the front of each card.  The sticker is fine, I love the Canucks’ logo set and color palette.  So give me all the Canucks stuff.  The letter is fairly bland too, signed by “Canucks Sports & Entertainment”.  With all the Kids’ Fund targeting, maybe have “Fin the Whale” write a letter to kid fans?

Author: paul

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